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Welcome and personal notes, August 19th, 2018

In a way, this might end up being more of a personal online journal for me than a true blog.

I'll try not to let it end up like that! This whole idea came after re-watching a favorite movie of mine. "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly," directed by Sergio Leone. Widely acclaimed as the pinnacle of spaghetti westerns, I found I was commenting to myself about the movie's structure, motif, and gripping ending.

I consider myself a minor movie buff, and in the past have considered writing as a movie critic in my spare time. I paused, and thought, "Why not just make a website and put my thoughts on there?" And so, the seed of passion was planted into my brain. With my newfound experience with basic html and css from my summer internship, I whipped up this site in a day, and will most likely host it with Amazon Web Services (they have a "free tier" for small sites).

God only knows if I'll continue to keep this up for more thank a couple days, but I can see a fun side activity like this lasting me for many moons.

Until next time!



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