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A passion project of a small team, this game creates an excellent space sandbox, that actually delivers on its promises, August 12, 2019

I, like many people who recently got into Starsector, was introduced to it by SsethTzeentach's video on the game. He gives a more humorous insight into the game and its mechanics, but highlighted them well enough to encourage me to take a look. And, I was very impressed!

The mechanics are very similar to that of Mount and Blade. That is, the game consists of assembling a catered fleet of ships, officers, exploring the "sector" full of various factions, planets, and anomolies. You can fight, trade, establish colonies, complete missions, all in a beautifully designed 2D top down world. Imagine Elite: Dangerous, but with all the bells and whistles that make the world actually feel alive. A full economy, able to be influenced by player actions and political activity. Factions with fleshed-out motives and lore, which react to the player and their actions in different ways. Even AI, which may or may not develop a mind of its own and refuse your orders.

The game is in development, but feels more complete and polished than many AAA games that release these days. Pay for it once, and you can install it on any number of machines. It supports Windows, Mac, and even Linux. I won't go any farther into the nuances of the systems of the game, as I feel it's something that one needs to experience themselves. However, I highly recommend giving it a shot. It's only $20, and is easy enough to find for free if you have reservations about paying full price (email me if you'd like to give it a try before you buy)

Recommended?: Hell yes, try it if you're at all interested, or if you're a fan of Mount and Blade, Elite: Dangerous, Star Citizen, or any other deep world space faring gaming.

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